• By Walkertown Branch
  • Posted Monday, February 10, 2020

Go on a Blind Date with a Book in Walkertown

Do you like surprises? Would you like help to decide what to read next? Are you distracted by cover art that inaccurately portrays the content of a book? Let us take away the trouble of a decision and set you up with a date. Go on a Blind Date with a book!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we've selected a variety of books and wrapped them oh-so-secretively. You won’t know the ‘identity’ of your blind date until you get it home. Will it be fiction or non-fiction? Funny, informative, a mystery, a romance? You may end up having a great read with something you wouldn't have chosen for yourself. Large Print books and Young Adult books are also available for a date.

With each book is an optional 'Rate a Date' slip for simply saying whatever you want about your date. You won't hurt our--or its--feelings. Even if your date turns out to be a 'dud,' all is not lost.

With each slip you return, you can enter our raffle for two free movie tickets!.

You may choose any wrapped book in our “Blind Date with a Book” display at the Walkertown Branch library. Have a great blind date with a book!

Blind Date fun will continue through Saturday, March 7th.

Drawing for the movie tickets will be Monday, March 9th.

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