• By Amber Humble
  • Posted Monday, June 5, 2023

Reentry Simulation and Resource Cafe to be held June 29

Join us on June 29, at Goodwill Industries on University Parkway for an insight on what it is like to be a justice-involved person with no identification, a basic gate check of $40.00, nowhere to stay, no transportation, unable to apply for any resources (let alone a job), and have probation fines to pay? That is the purpose of a Reentry Simulation.

From 9-11:30 a.m. we will host the simulation. which is designed for participants to gain an understanding of the significant obstacles faced by men and women attempting to navigate the system of resources/services upon release. Participants are faced with challenges including running out of time before their “curfew”, waiting in long lines only to find out they do not have the required documentation, and lack of monies needed to get bus tickets or a NCID. At the conclusion, there is time to debrief, and participants are asked to share their experiences.

From 1-3 p.m., we will host a Resource Café for agencies and providers who may work with the justice-involved population. This is to gain knowledge of what resources are available for our clients, participants, consumers, etc. The Resource Café will be experiential. Providers and agencies will share a table with 6 people and navigate a specific scenario explaining how each can best assist the person. Each table will report on how each provider or agency can assist their case scenario. Such scenarios will include how to find medical services for someone diagnosed with cancer and has no medical insurance, or someone who is trying to stay on behavioral health medications and needs assistance with paying for them.

Lunch will be provided to those who attend both the Reentry Simulation and the Resource Café. This is a joint effort and experience hosted by Forsyth County Reentry Council, NC Department of Adult Correction, Partners Forsyth Community Collaborative, Love Out Loud, and Forsyth County Behavioral Health Services. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, June 29 from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Goodwill Industries. Please be sure to bring your business cards to network!

You can register at https://www.signupforms.com/registrations/33230

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