• By Kimberly Gressley
  • Posted Monday, February 28, 2022

Tim Hambrick Announces Retirement

After serving N.C. Cooperative Extension in Forsyth, Yadkin, Surry and Stokes counties for the past 26 years, Area Field Crop Agent Tim Hambrick is retiring effective Monday, February 28, 2022. Tim has provided outstanding leadership for area farmers in the four county area in flue-cured tobacco, soybeans, corn, strawberries and small grains.

Tim did not grow up on a farm like many of his colleagues. However, agriculture and field crop science found Tim and inspired him to become one of the most respected Field Crop Agents in North Carolina.

Tim was instrumental in teaching through video with his topics including nitrogen in corn, identifying water hemp, a new pigweed, Marestail and planting corn at higher populations. He provided support to area farmers during the COVID pandemic through Zoom classes, phone-E-vite calls, newsletters, and videos. Tim was honored to receive the 2014 Syngenta Resistance Fighter Leadership Award. Tim has received the following awards from National Association of County Agricultural Agents: Achievement in Service Award (1997), Distinguished Service Award (2017) and 1st Place in the National Research Poster Competition ~ Results of Plant Parasite Nematode Survey of 7 NC Piedmont Counties (2018). He also received the honor of participating in NCSU’s Ag. Leadership Development Program (2005-07) and the TGANC Extension Agent Award.

Best wishes and congratulations to Tim on his retirement. We will miss his upbeat, committed and enthusiastic attitude about serving North Carolina farmers and being a part of our county team. He will be missed!

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