• By Cooperative Extension
  • Posted Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Cooperative Extension Hosts Pawpaw Field Day

On a sunny Saturday, September 11th morning, NC Cooperative Extension at Forsyth County Center kicked of their 2021 Pawpaw Field Day.

Educational booths shaded by colorful tents were hard to miss lining the border of the blooming demonstration gardens. Extension professionals and pawpaw experts presented information on environmental impact, tree management, nutrition, and processing of native pawpaw.

The field day’s nearly 200 guests learned all about the pawpaw tree (Asimina triloba) and its unique fruit with thin green skin, large black seeds, and smooth sunshine-yellow, custard-like flesh and had the opportunity to try this nutritious, delicious fruit which can be enjoyed raw or added to smoothies, ice creams and baked goods.

While highly sought after, these fruit usually don’t find their way to the grocery stores due to their short shelf life; Growing your own or buying from a local grower is the best way to find them when they ripen between August and September.

Tours through the 30-tree pawpaw orchard displayed the diversity that exists across pawpaw varieties and its potential as a local commercial or backyard crop. Local nurseries made sure guests didn’t leave empty handed providing opportunities to purchase young trees and fresh fruit.

View photos from the Pawpaw Field Day.

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