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  • Posted Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Art Show at the Walkertown Branch Library

Visiting artist Patty Donoghue presents her new paintings to celebrate Summer. The artworks are done in the diptych style where two panels are painted as a pair. On display are her new paintings done in the diptych style where two panels are painted as a pair.

The first set, Red Blue Ledge, uses textured acrylic paint and foil to create an abstract piece, which Patty notes “could reflect the edge of a ship, stepping off a flight deck, or a skyscraper.” The second set is entitled High Country and depicts a mountain scene in colorful pastels reminiscent of spring. Both sets are available for sale. Patty’s paintings will be on display from April through June.

Patty’s artwork is handmade, painted in cheerful colors, and full of enthusiasm and positive energy. She likes to experiment with inks, watercolors, acrylics, and oil paints along with other texture mediums. As a member of the art community and Associated Artists of Winston-Salem, Patty supports her fellow artists and promotes creativity as a therapeutic mode of well-being.

You can keep up with Patty’s current work and gallery shows, purchase original art, and view her classes by following her social media: Facebook @donoghuepatty, Pinterest @pattydonoghue, Instagram @donoghuepatty.

More about the paintings:

Red Blue Ledge
abstract mixed media, diptych

The paintings were completed using multi-panel, canvas surfaces, each was covered with foils and acrylic mediums. The paints are acrylic paints, using high gloss medium, to build up the surface, allowing for tools to scrape through the art, to make grooves, and texture. The edging has added silver foil flecks, for more surprise. The abstract composition could reflect the edge of a ship, stepping off a flight deck, or a skyscraper. The blue could be sky, water, or clouds. The colors are trending, and the hand-made float frame, make these ready to hang.

High Country Abstract Landscape
abstract mixed media, diptych

This high desert, high mountain, high country, abstract landscape painting, is part of a pair. Inspired by the Appalachian Mountains. The Diptych was a wonderful, materials experiment. I used an array of hardware and repurposed products to produce these paintings. I started with plywood, applied plaster to give the painting a great deal of texture and shape. I followed with house paint, chalk paint, acrylic and sealed it using wax. The frames another hardware store buy, are hand-made using, picket wood pieces, lightly stained, in a light natural color.

Please enjoy!

Patty Donoghue, artist

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