• By April W Bowman
  • Posted Friday, March 5, 2021

Stocking Rate for Pastures

Stocking rate is often expressed as animal units per acre. The goal is to match the amount of forage produced with the amount of forage needed per animal without compromising either resource. Learn about stocking rates and forage growth here . Thanks to John Brasfield for use of the photograph above. He understands stocking rates!

ebruary 20 - March 20 are possible planting dates (if you are dry enough to get on your land) for many crops such as spring oats, orchardgrass, brassicas (turnips and rape), ryegrass, tall fescue, and triticale. Learn more about forage planting dates, depth, seed rate, etc. at https://content.ces.ncsu.edu/planting-guide-for-forage-crops-in-north-carolina. Contact Mike Bowman with the Forsyth Soil and Water Conservation office at 336-703-2840 for information regarding renting the no-till seed drill to seed your pastures. Your tractor needs around 40 HP to pull the drill and it must have rear hydraulic hookups to attach the hoses which raise and lower the drill. The drill attaches to the tractor with a drawbar or belly bar.

For more information, email, April Bowman, Extension Agent, Livestock, Forages, and 4-H Youth Development at awbowman@ncsu.edu or call 336-703-2855.

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