• By April W Bowman
  • Posted Friday, February 19, 2021

Pasture Maintenance for February/March

Spring Pasture Planting
February and March is the time to start thinking about securing seeds for any spring planting. NC State University has updated the Forage Planting Guide and changed some of the recommended planting dates. The end of February is a good time to think about planting your spring oats, wheat, triticale, etc., You could possibly plant some Orchardgrass and Tall Fescue in late February as well, but note that the fall typically results in more successful stands. Now could also be a good time to frost seed some white clover.

Check out the planting guide and other information here.

Weed Control
February-March is the time to spray for buttercups, chickweed, common burdock, and curly dock. March is the recommended time to spray for Marestail (or April), Poison Hemlock, Dandelion, Wild Garlic (into April), and Plantain. Don't let time slip away from you and the weeds get too big to control!

For more information, email, April Bowman, Extension Agent, Livestock, Forages, and 4-H Youth Development at awbowman@ncsu.edu or call 336-703-2855.

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