• By Raegen Luntz
  • Posted Monday, November 9, 2020

Favorite Local Artist is Back

Meet local artist, Amy Guerrini.

Her artistic journey began as a way to relax and escape into her studio. She started to experiment with color combinations and movement to create a flow that is pleasing to the eye. You may see different things when observing -- it's all in the eye of the beholder.

Her goal is to stir emotion and make a lively focal point to enjoy. The possibilities of combinations are endless and no size is too big or small.

One of Amy's current fascinations is observing the skies, both day and night, and cloud formations, especially. On her last trip to Asheville, she was able to speak with someone who uses oils and began to learn the practice with various mediums and colors to create what she wanted to display. She's included a few in this showing to share her beginning efforts. She is learning more about the craft every day and hopes you enjoy it.

Please visit Amy's website to see her complete collection or to commission an individual piece.

Click here for driving directions.

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