• By Mia Jordan
  • Posted Thursday, July 30, 2020

Lewisville - Then and Now

Ever wonder what the Town of Lewisville used to look like? Check out these then-and-now photos of familiar locations in Lewisville, NC. The photos were provided by the Lewisville Historical Society.

The Lewisville Branch Library was originally located in the side porch of the 1930's Sunny Acres Building. The library was established in 1970. The Lewisville Branch Library was moved to the Shallowford Plaza Shopping Center in 1977, from the Sunny Acres Building. The new building was built at its current location in 2007.

The Lewisville Academy was established 1901 for grades 1-11. The current building was built in 1948 at the same location. It now houses the Lewisville Elementary School.

The Lewisville Fire Department's original building was built in 1951, when the Lewisville Civic Club established a formal volunteer force to help protect local residents from the threat of fire. It was located behind the current Masonic Lodge building that also houses Farrago.

The Lewisville Roller Mill was built in 1910.

These are photos of the house of Lewisville's founder, Lewis Laugenour (1826- 1893). The first is of the Lewis Laugenour House (built 1859-60) from late 1800's and the second is of the Lewis Laugenour House as it stands today.

The Lewisville United Methodist Church was established in 1878 and the building in the first photo was finished in 1882. The second photo is of the current church that was built in 1984 at the same location. The current church is the third church building to be built.

The Lewisville Baptist Church's original building was also built in 1882. It was finished 2 weeks before the Lewisville United Methodist Church's building. The current church is also the third church building built in the same location.

For more on the history of Lewisville, N.C. check out these books at your local library:

The archives of the Lewisville Historical Society are open to the public and are located in the copy room of the Lewisville Branch Library.

For more information about the Lewisville Historical Society, check out their website.

For more information about the Town of Lewisville, check out the town's website.

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