• By Jami Lawhon
  • Posted Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Are You a Grill Master?

Whether you are preparing food inside or having a backyard BBQ this summer, it is always important to follow these good food safety practices when handling or preparing for yourself and others.

1. Maintain personal hygiene
2. Limit time food is between 41°F & 135°F
3. Cook food to proper temperature
4. Clean and sanitize surfaces and utensils

Consider one of these four ways to safely thaw frozen foods:

1. Refrigerate: Food should be at 41°F or colder
2. Cool Water: Submerge food in package in sink or container of cool water, changing every 30 minutes
3. Microwave: Cook food immediately after
4. Cook: Part of the cooking process. Allow at least 50% longer time to cook through

Marinating Food Safely:

Marinate food in the refrigerator. If the marinade is to be used as a sauce, save fresh marinade that has not touched raw meat in a separate container. You can also boil the sauce used to marinade raw meat. Boiling will kill harmful bacteria in the marinade that could cause illness.


When food sits out at room temperature, bacteria that causes illness can grow rapidly. If the temperature is over 90°F, it grows even faster. Perishable foods, such as those containing animal products, cooked vegetables and grains, should be tossed or composted after 1 hour, if the outdoor temperature is over 90°F

Keep your family and friends safe during your summer cookout by following these safe food practices.

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