• By Amber McClure
  • Posted Thursday, August 6, 2020

Tutor.com Free Webinar Series

Tutor.com now has recordings of free webinars to help you get started with school this year. Check them out for student success; preparation for preschool, elementary, middle and high school and job interview skills.

  • Bringing It Home for the “W.I.N.” -- Tips for parents keeping their own students on track and organized on the home front. (View recording)
  • Transitioning to Online Instruction for K-12 Teachers (View recording)
  • Common Core Math Myth Busters – Pt. 1 (View recording)
  • Common Core Math Myth Busters – Pt. 2 (View recording)
  • Common Core Math Myth Busters – Pt. 3 (View recording)
  • How to Land an Interview: A Professional Job Search Webinar (View recording)
  • Student Success – Time Management (View recording)
  • Preparing your Preschoolers: Summer Rips for Parents of Early Childhood Learners (View recording)
  • Student Success – Study Skills (View recording)
  • Student Success – Goal Setting and Decision-Making (View recording)
  • Student Success – Helping Parents Prepare Teens for School Again (View recording)

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