• By April Mittelstaedt
  • Posted Thursday, May 14, 2020

Beary Good News

Crawford was so excited to get a postcard from his new friend, Library Teddy, he asked the mailman every day if he had a letter. Every day, Mr. Steve said no. So Crawford sat in the lobby, waving at all his friends riding by, waiting for his postcard to arrive.

And it did!

Crawford wanted to look up where the postcard came from, so we started looking at books about Ireland in the Walkertown Branch Library. This, of course, led to Crawford wanting to plan a trip to visit Library Teddy. I told him, "we'll have to wait, but we can send another postcard to say hello!"

Image Description: A dark brown teddy bear, looking through a lot of books about Ireland
Crawford and Miss April looking through places to visit in Ireland

Crawford insisted I e-mail Miss Aoife to let her and Library Teddy know we had received their postcard safe and sound. What a surprise it was to learn our postcard had arrived in Ireland around the same time!

Image Description: A light brown teddy bear, sitting on a wall and showing off a postcard
Library Teddy shows his friends in Ireland the Biltmore postcard he got from NC.

Crawford keeps asking me when we will write back to Library Teddy, he loves to send letters to his friends.

Image Description: On the left, the front of a postcard that says IRELAND, on the right, the back written from a bear
Crawford thinks Library Teddy signed his name very well.

Many thanks to Aoife and Library Teddy at the Portarlington Library. You can follow Teddy's adventures on their Instagram page.

Webstory HTML by April Mittelstaedt.

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