• By Rob Norwood
  • Posted Friday, April 17, 2020

Plan a trip now for after the COVID-19 Shelter In Place

We are all doing the right thing now to stay home and be safe, but the time will come when we will be able to return to normal. So while you are staying home, why not put the time to good use and plan your next trip. The library has databases you can access from home that will make you ready for your next travel adventure. All you will need to access these databases is your library card number and PIN.

Global Road Warrior and Culture Grams are databases on the library's Online Resources page under the heading Travel & Countries. These databases will help you be familiar with the country you plan to visit. In Culture Grams you can learn about the general attitudes of the citizens, what kinds of greetings are appropriate, how they value family, friendship and religion. Also, learn about their diet, important holidays, and the transportation and communication systems. And in Global Road Warrior you can learn about local laws, immunization requirements, passport and visa requirements, and keep up to date about travel advisories.

Spend some time learning a new language with Mango Languages, which is also found on the library's Online Resources page under the heading Travel & Countries. You can learn at your own pace. The database lets you listen to the sentences as you read them, and you can record your own voice to compare to the instructor's pronunciation. There are over 70 languages that you can learn using Mango Languages.

Click here to access the Online Resources page.

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