• By Todd Luck
  • Posted Monday, March 2, 2020

Learn about the ¼ Cent Sales Tax for teachers on the primary ballot

During this year’s primary, voters have the chance to weigh in on a ¼ cent county sales that is estimated to bring in more than $13 million for teacher supplements.

The ¼ cent sales tax adds one penny for every four dollars spent. The tax doesn’t apply to gas, groceries, prescription drugs, automobile purchases, rent and real estate transactions. Both Forsyth County commissioners and the WSFCS Board of Education have committed that revenue from the tax will go to teacher supplements.

If the sales tax passes, county commissioners will repeal a one-cent property tax increase in the current budget that brings in an estimated $3.6 million for teacher supplements. The ¼ sales tax is expected to bring in more than three times that amount.

It will be listed as “Forsyth County Sales and Use Tax” on the ballot. The primary election will be held March 3 and early voting is Feb. 13-29. This is a non-partisan issue that will appear on every ballot, no matter what party you’re in or if you’re unaffiliated.

For more information, visit forforsythteachers.com.

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