• By April Bowman
  • Posted Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Enroll in 4-H Now!

School-age youth ages 5-18 are encouraged to enroll in 4-H through our 4-H Online system at https://nc.4honline.com/. Also, it's time for our 2019 4-H members and volunteers to re-enroll in order to be considered an active 4-H member. Youth should enroll before attending any organized 4-H events/functions/meetings. There are written instructions and a video tutorial available at http://forsyth.cc/CES/4-H/join4h.aspx. Visit https://nc.4honline.com/ to enroll. After you submit your enrollment, you will get a notice that your status is pending. One of the 4-H staff has to manually log into every application, and verify that all of your information is complete before approving your membership so please be patient. Do your best to answer all questions thoroughly to help us expedite the process.

School Information

Also, under the School Information tab on the first page, please choose your school name. If you are home-schooled, please choose the "If you are unable to locate your school" button and type the name of your home-school, and then choose home-school as the school type.

Custody Release
We legally must give custody of all 4-H members to the legal parent/guardians unless there is a court document on file, so it is not necessary to list them on the custody release. Parents ARE encouraged to think of at least one other adult (possibly another club member's parent) that they would let their child leave 4-H with in the event that they were unable to pick them up due to unforeseen circumstances.

Please try to visit https://nc.4honline.com/ and complete your enrollment by February 1, so that we know you are an active member in time to attend our annual 4-H Achievement Night on February 11.

Contact April Bowman, awbowman@ncsu.edu, or Monique Pearce-Brady, dmpearc3@ncsu.edu or 336-703-2850 for more information or with questions. Learn more by following the links on http://forsyth.cc/CES/4-H/.

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