• By Amber McClure
  • Posted Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Take Control of Your Health with eMagazines

With free eMagazines using Libby by Overdrive, you have a great selection of health-related magazines freely available for checkout. All you need is your library card and the Libby by Overdrive app on your device.

Curious about what titles we have? Below are just a few examples of the current issues you can check out for free.

Clean Eating
Current edition is January/February 2020. Clean Eating offers tips, recipes, stories and inspiration for healthy and clean eating. Learn how you can attain healthy clean habits when it comes to your nutrition and health for mind and body.

Women’s Health
Current edition is January/February 2020. Women's Health helps with fitness and self-care activities.

Men's Health
Current edition is January/February 2020. Men's Health focuses on men's fitness and health habits and routines.

Current edition is January/February 2020. Check out Yoga to learn more about the science behind this practice and long-term benefits. Each issue centers on a theme. This issue's theme is "Compassion," for yourself and others.

Current edition is January 2020. Learn all about health, wellness, nutrition and fitness from Prevention. In this month's issue, learn about healthy weight loss with nutrition plans designed for your body, as well as myths and facts about common New Year's resolutions and how to navigate insurance and drug prices for your prescriptions.

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