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  • Posted Saturday, February 8, 2020

Stay Positive Program at Walkertown February 17, 10 a.m.

Do you ever worry about the future? Looking Forward describes and demonstrates how to “look forward” to the future--including tomorrow--with increased positivity, confidence and lightheartedness. Participants typically leave the meeting feeling good, with a greater sense of optimism, wellbeing and connection with others. The program is geared toward older adults.

The program has been conducted over 250 times at civic clubs, libraries, retirement communities, churches, social service organizations, universities, associations and private homes.

More information can be provided by phone 336-703-2990 or via email walkertownlibrary@gmail.com.

How to keep the brain active by “learning” from everyday life experiences
Monday, February 17, 10 a.m.

Walkertown Branch Library
2969 Main St. Walkertown, NC 27051

Call (336) 703-2990 for more information.

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About our hosts

Sanford Danziger, MD

Sanford has a background in medicine, psychotherapy and education. He served in the US Peace Corps, and for 15 years at the Center for Creative Leadership on the adjunct faculty. He volunteered in a project doing hands-on care for terminally-ill people and is the co-founder of TRP Enterprises, a training and consulting company.

Janice Ayers

Raised in a small town in upstate South Carolina, Janice grew up with a strong sense of community and neighbors helping each other. She is retired from several careers in the medical and educational fields and managed her family’s successful retail business. She has volunteered as a hospice team member, in health and wellness projects, and has tutored children.

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