• By Sarah Frantz Isom, MPH, CHES
  • Posted Friday, September 20, 2019

Forsyth County Public Health Nurse Honored with National Award

The Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) program at Forsyth County Department of Public Health is proud to announce that one of their own, Keisha Lucas, has been awarded the Tenacious Caregiver Award through the National Service Office of Nurse-Family Partnership.

Nurse Family Partnership is a national program that serves first-time mothers and their children. The Tenacious Caregiver Award was given to a total of four distinguished NFP providers at the NFP National Symposium this week in Nashville, Tennessee. The awards are given to professionals who exemplify an extraordinary commitment to their moms, and to the NFP model of service. “There is no better word to describe these amazing caregivers than ‘tenacious,’” said Frank Daidone, president and CEO of Nurse-Family Partnership. “Through their personal dedication to our work, they have empowered young mothers and their families to make lasting change in their lives and build bright futures for their children and their communities.”

The “Tenacious Caregiver Award for Nurse” is given to an exceptional NFP nurse who exemplifies commitment to the NFP model and mothers. Keisha Lucas has been an NFP nurse for 16 years and has completed more than 5,800 home visits to over 200 new moms, first in Guilford County, and currently in Forsyth County. She has guided her moms in finding solutions in their lives and inspired coworkers with her passion for her work. “This award recognizes Keisha’s passion for supporting her families every day,” says program supervisor Christine Wanous. “Keisha’s unconditional encouragement for her moms contributes to their own belief in themselves and their children. I am grateful to have Keisha on the Nurse-Family Partnership team.”

All award winner recipients will be featured on the National Service Office’s Tenacious Caregiver Wall of Fame located at the NFP Education Center in Denver, Colorado.

In Forsyth County, Nurse-Family Partnership changes the future for the most vulnerable babies born into poverty by giving first-time moms trusted support from her own personal nurse throughout the first 1,000 days, from pregnancy until her child’s second birthday. Nurse-Family Partnership began in Forsyth County in 2012, and has received over 1,600 referrals, conducted over 9,000 home visits, and is funded by county, state, and grant support from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust.

NFP is backed by over 40 years of scientifically proven outcomes for both mom and baby, and currently serves over 38,000 moms in 41 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and many Tribal communities. Nurse-Family Partnership is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

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