• By Monique Pearce-Brady
  • Posted Monday, August 26, 2019

FirstGen Leadership In Training Camp (FirstGen LIT @ NCAT)

The First Generation Leadership in Training Residential Camp was held on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University, June 17-20, 2019. For the week, seven youth from Forsyth County moved into a dormitory on campus and participated in various activities. The First Generation LIT is a residential camp that is offered to first-generation 4-H Members that may be starting their 4-H Journey or they are looking to learn more about 4-H.

During the week, they participated in a workshop that allowed them to recognize their personality traits that helped determine their leadership styles and participated in a one-on-one workshop with a Google Headquarters Representative. Additionally, they were allowed to network with other youth from around the state, participate in various teambuilding exercises, and created a plan as a county that they would like to implement and lead with their peers.

Niomi W., a member of QEA 4-H Pharoahs stated “ Some of the things that I learned at the First Gen LIT camp were better communication skills, and how to build your self-confidence. I attended multiple workshops during the week. One of the workshops that impacted our group was the one that helped you figure out our personality trait based on color. There were four different colors; orange, gold, blue and green. The color group that best represented me was blue. Based on the card, the Blue group were the caring ones that often put others before themselves, which was a reflection of me and my personality. By finding out this information, it will help me in the future. It helped me to realize what kind of person I am and it helped me realize that I can't always put others needs before mine. I will have to learn to make time for myself."

The First Generation LIT 4-H residential camp helps prepare students with resources needed to confidently propel their leadership from their clubs or schools to their community.



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