• By Rodney Rogers
  • Posted Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Children's Health & Fitness with BeHealthy School Kids

BeHealthy School Kids is back in full swing with the return of the young scholars back to campus. Upon returning to campus, students should practice consuming balanced meals and getting regular exercise. Physical activity should be about 45 minutes every day and should involve some aspects of running, jumping, or lifting.

Colorful plates are always a great sign of balanced meal, and a cup full of mixed fruit is a great snack. Children are at their peak performance when they eat breakfast in the mornings, and consume the proper nutrients. Grains for breakfast are a great “brain food” that stimulates the brain so students do well during testing and studies. The key to children growing up and living a healthy life is contingent upon consistently eating a balanced, nutritious meal.

Adults and children alike experience stress as a reaction to a stimulus. As part of the BeHealthy School Kids curriculum, we encourage practicing stress management techniques to staff, parents, and students. Some examples of releasing stress include meditation, drawing, keeping a diary or journal, spending time outside with nature, and talking with friends.

Please call (336)703-3217 if you need assistance with community resources regarding nutrition or physical activity. Our Forsyth County Department of Public Health Educators with the Health Promotion Disease Prevention Program are ready to help you gain access to available resources in our community!

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