• By Leslie Peck
  • Posted Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Prepare Now for Renovating Your Lawn This Fall

Summer is here in full force, and if your lawn is tall fescue, it may be looking a bit sad. Don't worry - this is normal for tall fescue, which is a cool-season turfgrass. Tall fescue grows well in the fall and spring, but may go dormant in the summer. The lawn is more likely to go dormant if it is not getting watered through the summer months. If your tall fescue lawn starts to go brown this summer, it is likely that the grass is dormant, not dead. As the weather cools off this fall, you should see the lawn start to grow again.

If you want to help your tall fescue lawn get back to a lush green state, it is a good time to take a break from sweating in your garden and think about what you'll do to manage the lawn this fall. Click here to read more about preparing your lawn for fall renovations. The article contains lots of information and resources to help you have a lush lawn this fall!

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