• By Christina Howell
  • Posted Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rise4Me Offers Web-based Reentry Resources for Former Inmates and Their Families

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office recently launched a new online resource for formerly incarcerated individuals and their families. Rise4Me.com offers a free, easy-to-use directory of local, regional, and national resources that meet the needs of returning citizens. Resources are divided into categories that range from basic needs, such as housing, food, clothing and healthcare, to more advanced forms of assistance, such as mental health, substance abuse treatment, education, and employment. Each resource is accompanied by a brief description, contact information, and a link to the organization’s website.

By working with each participating county, Rise4Me customizes listings and delivers valuable information, free-of-charge, to any former inmate seeking assistance. These resources are available today from numerous local organizations, but they are sometimes difficult to locate. Mary Marvin, Rise4Me’s Resource Coordinator, explains; “The key is providing reentry resources all in one place. We want the resources to be easily accessible so returning citizens and their families can easily find the help they need.”

With the ultimate goal of reducing recidivism, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office views Rise4Me as a benefit to the community. “We must engage that which we hope to change. This program engages individuals - and their families - as they face the challenges of reentry into our community. There are numerous resources available throughout our community, and Rise4Me compiles the information in one place, making it easier to access,” explains Sheriff Bobby F. Kimbrough, Jr. “We want to offer every resource for positive life changes and ultimately a better Forsyth County.”

About Rise4Me

Rise4Me was founded in 2018 in response to a real problem existing in our society today. The high rates of recidivism in the United States expose the need to get meaningful resources into the hands of formerly incarcerated individuals. RISE stands for Resources for Improvement, Support and Empowerment for returning citizens. The mission of Rise4Me is to break the cycle of incarceration by providing inmates, returning citizens, and their families access to resources to enable successful reentry into society. Rise4Me works with local law enforcement and reentry organizations to compile local, regional, and national resources and share them in an easily accessible format. For more information about Rise4Me, please visit www.rise4me.com or contact Rise4Me Resource coordinator Mary Marvin at mmarvin@rise4me.com.

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