• By Tembila Covington
  • Posted Friday, May 10, 2019

N.C. Cooperative Extension Forsyth County Tool Lending Program

The N.C. Cooperative Extension Forsyth County Center provides education, advocates teaching, and mentoring for its local community. In working towards reaching our mission, the N.C. Cooperative Extension Forsyth County Center created a tool lending program to support the work of community gardeners and urban farmers who have participated in Cooperative Extension programming. The tool lending program offers a range of short and long hand tools, as well as power equipment tools. These tools can be used for different tasks, which include gardening for growing fruits and vegetables, as well as for creating a beautiful landscape.

To check out tools, a small deposit is required. The deposit is returned when the tools are returned to Cooperative Extension in good working order and on time. This program brings Cooperative Extension resources into the community and is a great way to provide an opportunity to bring community together!

Requirements for the Tool lending program:

  • Tools can be used by community garden mentors, urban farmers, and community members connected with N.C. Cooperative Extension Forsyth
  • Borrower contacts the N.C. Cooperative Extension Forsyth County office to schedule tool(s) pick up and tool(s) availability

Borrower makes deposit:
$50 for powered equipment or $25 for other tools

  • 2-Week loan agreement
  • Borrower provides contact information and signatures
  • Borrower returns tool(s) clean and in good condition

Please feel free to contact us and help us better serve you.

Urban Agriculture Program Assistant | Email: covingtc@forsyth.cc | Tel. (336) 703-2859

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