• By Clemmons Branch Library
  • Posted Thursday, May 2, 2019

Clemmons Branch Library Community Poem

To celebrate National Poetry Month in April, visitors to the Clemmons Branch Library contributed their own poetry lines throughout the month to create a community written poem.

Here is our completed poem:

At the library, and what do I see?
A poem written by you and by me
For all to see
Let's each add a line
And hope that it rhymes
But it doesn't, what then?
then we try again!
and what will be will be
I love the selection, though a bit tight
Almost everything is within sight
And - oh my! Our imaginations take flight
fly away, fly away
Read away and play golf another day
Lie in a hammock - look at the sky
Watching birds and planes fly by
Oh how relaxing, it makes me just
sigh, sigh, sigh!
Go on an adventure, within your mind
and be kind
Being kind will make everything fine!
Let all add another line
and then all will be divine
Let's think about the library and all will be fine.