• By Clemmons Branch Library
  • Posted Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Clemmons Branch Receives Service Memories DVDs

The Clemmons Branch Library has received a donation of six service memory films on DVD. These films feature interviews of former members of the military conducted by Miles Burns as part of his Eagle Scout Service Project.

Miles chose this subject for his Eagle Project because of his strong feelings about veterans. "Many of my relatives have served and I feel that this project rightfully honored their and other veterans' sacrifices and ultimate legavy," he said.

A wide array of veterans were interviewed for the films. Miles said he chose "family members, friends and people I had never met until the commencement of my project," noting that he had assistance in locating interview subjects. "My grandfathers Don Dwiggins and Pete Ussery played an influential role in helping me organize interviews with these respectable men."

Miles said that the project caused him to come away with a new appreciation for the country. "From this project, I learned how fortunate we are to live in a nation of freedom. It was awesome to learn and record the stories of the tenured veterans." he said. "Moreover, I learned the importance of leadership and how to manage a group in different situations."