• By Walkertown Branch
  • Posted Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Answers from Walkertown's Mayor, Doc Davis

In November, Walkertown Branch Library set up a box where library patrons could write to Walkertown's Mayor Davis and ask him any questions they had for the mayor. The program ran from Nov. 5 - 17, which included election day. Since Walkertown Branch Library is a polling location, we wanted patrons of all ages to feel more connected to the results of the elections and to the local politics in Walkertown. We received questions from patrons as young as 4, but most of the questions were posed by middle school students from Walkertown Middle School. You can find Mayor Davis' answers below!

Can you make us have no homework and EOG’s? from Lynn
Our town is unable to make changes in the schools. Sorry we are no help with your concerns.

I think there should be a crosswalk from the old RiteAid to Hardees. There are lots of kids that cross there in the afternoon. from Myriam
This is a state- owned highway that is scheduled to be widened to four lanes in 2022. NC DOT is not likely to construct anything that would encourage more foot traffic crossing Old Hollow Road. NC DOT number is 336-747-7800 if you would like to contact the department that controls this highway.

Will you put more parks? from Sophie
The town is working on a plan to expand Town Center Park.

What would you do if attacked? from Charlie
I assume you mean by someone and not a wild animal. I would resist in an effort to defeat the attacker.

What is your favorite pizza? And how old were you when you became Mayor? from Joseph
My favorite pizza is topped with mushrooms and black olives. I was 56 when I was elected mayor.

Can we not have school on Monday’s and when we take breaks from EOG’s , can we have recess? from Chloe
I’m sorry but our town officials are unable to change or direct the policies of the school system.

What is your favorite ice cream? from Blair
Cherry Vanilla

Will you visit my school and bring me lunch with cookies? You’re the best mayor ever. from Anthony

How often are there elections for Mayors? from Michael
Every four years.

What is the plan to alleviate traffic congestion in Walkertown? When will there be better Christmas decorations in town? How fast can you run the 100 yard dash? Why is there no museum in Walkertown? When do you plan to retire? from Doc
We recognize traffic congestion is extremely heavy and at a near stand still during peak periods. NC DOT has scheduled to add more lanes to Hwy. 158 in 2021 and Old Hollow road in 2022. NC DOT phone number is 336-747-7800 if you would like to contact them. The Christmas lights that are currently being displayed are a lighted star that are about two to three years old. I have no time running a 100 yard dash. I have made no plans concerning retiring.

A resident writes a condemning note on the town’s Christmas decorations saying they do not match and many do not work. Also expressed displeasure in “those old banners” that are displayed. from Unsigned
The decorations that are now displayed are not old as they were purchased only about two to three years ago. We realize these do not suit the taste of all residents but we will gladly entertain input from our citizens who would like to volunteer to assist the town council to select new ones when our budget permits.

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