• By Todd Luck
  • Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Commissioner El-Amin appointed to State Qualification Board

County Commissioner Fleming El-Amin was appointed to the N.C. Code Officials Qualification Board earlier this year.

El-Amin was appointed to the board by Governor Roy Cooper, effective August 24, as an elected official representing a county with a population greater than 40,000. The board certifies Code Enforcement Officials in North Carolina and hears any complaints filed against them. No inspector in North Carolina may enforce the State Building Code without being certified by the Qualification Board.

“The opportunity to learn more about State government and the decision making processes that impact code inspectors is very interesting and educational,” said El-Amin.

The 20 member board is made of engineers, inspectors, contractors, architects, educators, and city, county, and state officials. The N.C. Department of Insurance’s Engineering Division provides technical and administrative staff to the board and investigates complaints on its behalf.

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