• By Taylor Strassburg
  • Posted Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Forsyth County Launches Work Ready Forsyth

The largest issue impeding businesses' continued growth is the shortage of workers with the adaptable skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace. In an effort to mend concerns surrounding workforce development, Forsyth County has initiated "Work Ready Forsyth." Work Ready Forsyth is a county-wide initiative that aims to link workforce development with education and provide for the unmet labor needs of local employers.

In order meet the goal of this initiative, the County has applied to become an ACT certified Work Ready Community. The ACT Work Ready Community framework is characterized by empowering job seekers, whether students or transitioning adults, to obtain the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). This is a portable, assessment based credential that measures essential workplace skills needed for success across industries and occupations. Forsyth County's first step in becoming a Work Ready Community is to equip individuals with the necessary skills to succeed in the modern workplace. The second step is to connect these qualified candidates with local businesses in the community.

Through Work Ready Forsyth, Forsyth County and partnering agencies, want to recreate the dialogue surrounding career and technical education, and market careers in manufacturing, aviation, construction, and so many other industries that are in need of a skilled and ready workforce. The Work Ready Forsyth team is made up of representatives of education, business, and economic development, that have come together to create a common voice around workforce development, truly making it a county-wide effort.

If you are business interested in learning more about the initiative or want more information on how you can participate and show your support, please contact Taylor Strassburg at Forsyth County Community & Economic Development (336)703-2679 or strasst2@forsyth.cc. If you are an individual or student wanting to learn more about the National Career Readiness Certificate, please contact Forsyth Technical Community College at (336) 734-7772 or your local high school. For more information regarding the county's initiative, please visit www.workreadycommunities.org/NC/067.

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