• By Mary Jac Brennan
  • Posted Monday, May 7, 2018

It’s Strawberry Season

Find local strawberries for sale at local farmers markets, grocery stores and at pick your own locations in Forsyth County. View a list of local strawberry growers.

For directions on how to freeze fresh, local strawberries see the instruction sheet.

Strawberries are ripening now. Historically, Mother’s Day weekend is the height of strawberry harvest season. We will see berries ripening over the next few weeks. The length of the berry picking season depends on how fast our weather warms up, whether it rains, and of course how much demand there is for fresh strawberries.

Despite a cold winter, local strawberry growers are expecting a strong season that will last until the first part of June. Growers use a combination of row covers and irrigation to preserve their strawberry crop. Get ready to enjoy some delicious and nutritious berries!

North Carolina is the nation’s fourth-largest producer of strawberries and has the country’s largest fresh market for strawberries. Consumers can find local strawberries at roadside stands, farmers markets, area grocery stores and pick-your-own farms across the state.

North Carolina berries are delicious in a number of dishes. Eat them fresh, just as they are or add them to cereal, pair them with seafood dishes, toss them into salads with nuts and seeds. They freeze well and they are a healthy addition to your diet. Strawberries contain vitamins, minerals and other healthy compounds that help reduce the risk of diseases. Help a local farmer and help yourself!

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