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  • Posted Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Afterthoughts Book Club at Walkertown will discuss "The Orphan Train" on February 8th

In February, the Afterthoughts Book Club will be discussing "The Orphan Train" by Christina Baker Kline.

The Orphan Train is a New York Times Bestseller from 2013 that tells the story of two women. Molly is a rebellious seventeen-year-old who grew up in the foster care system. Vivian is an elderly woman with a long-forgotten childhood as an orphan. After spending time together, they form an unlikely bond and begin to reconcile their difficult pasts with help from one another.

The Orphan Train program ran in the United States from 1854 to 1929. When Vivian Day was a young girl in New York City, tragedy struck her Irish immigrant family from Ireland with her family in New York City. Tragedy strikes in 1929 and she is placed on a train with other orphans bound for the Midwest.

Years later in Maine, Molly is assigned to help an elderly Vivian clear out her house as a community service project to avoid juvenile hall. Molly is a troubled Native American teenager who grew up in a turbulent foster care system. As the two work together going through Vivian's old mementos, her past experiences as an Orphan Train rider begin to emerge. While bleak at times, The Orphan Train is ultimately a story about hope and perseverance.

Light refreshments will be served. All are welcome to join us for a friendly and interesting discussion!

The Afterthoughts Book Club
Thursday, February 8th at 11 am

Walkertown Branch Library
2969 Main St. Walkertown, NC 27051

Call (336) 703-2990 for more information.

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