• By Nikki Baldwin
  • Posted Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Malloy Jordan East Winston Heritage Center Celebrates 63 Years

The main building of the public library of Winston-Salem had been occupied for a short time when definite plans were made for a new branch in East Winston.

A branch to serve African Americans was opened in 1927, in the Chestnut Street Branch of the YWCA. It became known as the George Moses Horton Branch.

In 1931, the city rented one room at 216 East Sixth Street, this housed the library until 1937 when another room was rented, doubling the space. It remained here until 1954.

Drs H.D. and H.R. Malloy and Dr. J.C. Jordan donated a portion of East Seventh Street facing the Katie B. Reynolds Hospital. The city purchased the remainder of the block to the depth of 100 feet.

East Winston Library served the East Winston community, as well as Forsyth County, with books and resources that challenge and educate individuals. In 1988 the library was designated as the East Winston Heritage Center to reflect books and materials from the African American experiences.

In 2004, the library was rededicated and renamed the Malloy/Jordan East Winston Heritage Center in honor of the three physicians, Dr. H.D. Malloy Sr., Dr. H. Rembert Malloy and Dr. J. C. Jordan who donated the land to build the library Branch. Malloy Jordan East Winston Heritage Center was honored with a historical marker May 26, 2016.