• By Jacquelyn White
  • Posted Saturday, September 30, 2017

Teen Central's Spooky Film Fest

Chills and thrills - we are showing four progressively spooky films every Saturday during the month of October in Teen Central. Join us if you dare!

Van Helsing (2004)

Saturday October 7 | 3 - 5 pm
A legendary monster hunter is sent to Transylvania by a secret religious organization, where he battles Count Dracula, Frankenstein's creature and the Wolf Man in this homage to Universal horror classics. Rated: PG-13

The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It (2007)

Saturday October 14 | 3 - 5 pm
A girl's search for the perfect Halloween prank leads her to a mysterious book called “The Evil Thing.” Rated: PG

Goosebumps (2015)

Saturday October 21 | 3 - 5 pm
Teens and a horror writer battle the author's monstrous creations after they come to life and wreak havoc on their small town. Rated: PG

10 Cloverfield Lane(2016)

Saturday October 14 | 3 - 5 pm
A woman awakens in a basement compound, supposedly after a chemical attack has devastated the area. Rated: PG-13

Where: Teen Central - Second Floor of the Central Library
Who: Grades 6th-12th

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