• By April Bowman
  • Posted Tuesday, August 22, 2017

NOW is the Time to Plant Pastures and Hayfields

Ideally we want cool season grasses to germinate and have 3-4 leaves before freezing occurs. IF we can get enough moisture for the seeds to germinate this fall, the plants will have more time to grow and establish a good root zone unlike spring plantings when we are headed into our hot period. For most of the piedmont the ideal planting time for our perennial cool season grasses like orchardgrass and fescue and our winter annuals like oats is August 25-September 15th. However, they can be planted through October 25th depending on frost dates. Now is also a good time to sow clovers and brassicas like turnips and radishes.

For information on seeding rates and planting depths click here.

Now is also a good time to take your soil samples if you haven't done that in the last three years. Currently, soil samples may be tested for free, but after Thanksgiving, there will be a "peak season" fee. The soil sample boxes and forms may be picked up for free at the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Forsyth County Center. We have instructions for both small garden/lawn areas that need their recommendations in square feet and for larger sections that need recommendations in acres Return your samples to our office and we will even send the samples to Raleigh for you. After you get your results, we will be happy to help you analyze your results and make a fertilizer recommendation for you.

Finally, remember to sample your hay so that you KNOW the quality of your forage. This is the only way to know what you're feeding your livestock and will allow you to feed those with the highest needs, the best quality forage.

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