• By Walkertown Branch
  • Posted Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sea Shell Exhibit at Walkertown

Would you like to take a walk on the Beach without leaving Walkertown? Have we got the Vacation spot for you! Come visit us at Walkertown Library and enjoy our Sea Shell Exhibit from the Collection of a member of our Library Staff, Mr. Cedric Williams. See exquisite Shells of various shapes, sizes, colors and patterns collected from the beautiful shores of our very own Outer Banks, North Carolina. These beautiful works of natural art will be displayed for the entire month of July at Walkertown Branch Library.

Sea Shell Exhibit from the Collection of Mr. Cedric Williams
July 1 - 31, 2017
Walkertown Branch Library

Listen in as Cedric Williams takes a stroll down the proverbial Memory Lane:

And Old Love Revived

I was vacationing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina when my love of Sea Shells, a love which had lain dormant for years, was reawakened. Having grown up in the plains of Southwest Georgia, the Outer Banks was a new experience for me; because other than the occasional trip down to Florida, I rarely found myself at a Beach of any kind.

Well, I went out almost every day looking for any Shell that was unique, beautiful and interesting. And I discovered a treasure trove of color, shape, variety and pattern, from swirls to ovals, to stripes, ridges, pores and what you will. In fact, as I could not seem to stop myself from greedily gathering all that I saw, there were days that I forbade myself from carrying any bags with me at all whenever I went out, lest I end up with yet another bag full. And I think I did pretty well upon the whole; I was firm! I refused to gather one Shell more than I was able to stuff in both pockets until they were full. I marched back to my lodgings feeling proud of the discipline I had shown.

Now I don’t profess to be anything in the way of a Proficient when it comes to Sea Shells in terms of names, Genus, Species, etc. But when it comes to beautiful works of art-whether it be in the billows and swirls of a Cloud mass, the twists and turns of a Tree-from its branches to its leaves, some spectacular bit of Special Effects from one of my favorite TV shows, or the lines and patterns of a Shell, I believe I can safely profess along with every other lover of beauty, that I am proficient in my admiration of it all and of the One who designed it for our enjoyment.

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