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  • Posted Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Morning Tea Book Club at Walkertown Reads "The Ocean and the End of the Lane" by Nail Gaiman

November’s Morning Tea Book Club selection is by one of Britain’s most beloved fantasy authors, Neil Gaiman. While The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a short novel with fantastical elements and ancient magic, it was written with the non-fantasy reader in mind. The book was the winner of Britain’s 2013 National Book Awards. The book club meets at Walkertown Branch Library on Thursday, November 9, at 11 am. Tea and refreshments will be served.

Neil Gaiman's intent was simple: to write a short story. What he ended up with instead was The Ocean at the of the Lane, a narrative so thoughtful and thrilling that it's as difficult to stop reading as it was for Gaiman to stop writing. Forty years ago, our narrator, who was then a seven-year-old boy, unwittingly discovered a neighboring family’s secret. What happens next is an imaginative romp through otherwordly adventure.

The Ocean at the End of the Laneis narrated by an unnamed man who recalls his tumultuous childhood. After a traumatic event when he was seven, he meets an odd young girl named Lettie Hempstock. Lettie, with her mother and grandmother, are actually beings who exist outside of time. The Hempstocks take the young narrator under their protective wings and must fight for his survival when an evil and otherworldly entity appears in the guise of a new housekeeper. While at times a bit spooky and strange, The Ocean at the End of the Lane is actually very much grounded in the reality of how childhood experiences shape future adults.

The Ocean and the End of the Lane by Nail Gaiman is available at the library for checkout. Tea and light refreshments will be served. All are welcome to join us for a friendly and interesting discussion!

The Morning Tea Book Club will meet on Thursday, November 9, at 11 am.

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