• By Jacquelyn White
  • Posted Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Devoted Dogs and Cunning Cats

Dogs and cats are arguably the most popular pets in the world. These lovable companions offer happiness to our lives in their own way. They also make for some of the best characters in literature, below we've picked out a few series and titles to get you started. These titles and more can be found in our North Carolina Digital Library powered by OverDrive.


Melanie Travis Mystery Series by Laurien Berenson
In the Melanie Travis series of murder mysteries, the primary protagonist is a school teacher, Melanie Travis, who owns and shows several full size pedigree Standard Poodles. All of her (mis)adventures involve the dog show circuit in varying degrees, providing an entertaining view into the world of raising and showing dogs.

The Dog Stars by Peter Heller
Hig somehow survived the flu pandemic that killed everyone he knows. Now his wife is gone, his friends are dead, and he lives in the hangar of a small abandoned airport with his dog, Jasper, and a mercurial, gun-toting misanthrope named Bangley.

Andy Carpenter Series by David Rosenfelt
Attorney Andy Carpenter is an unabashed animal lover, and he has a reputation for saving both dogs and humans from Death Row. With the help of his beloved golden retriever Tara, Andy solves cases and wins courtroom battles in this acclaimed series of legal thrillers.


How to Paint a Cat by Rebecca M. Hale
San Francisco isn't the biggest city in the country, but it feels pretty vast when you're canvassing its neighborhoods looking for clues to your missing uncle's hidden location. Aided by my two cats, Rupert and Isabella, I try to follow Uncle Oscar's painted clues on a trail that leads from Coit Tower's famous murals through San Francisco's New Deal art—all while hoping my uncle's sudden disappearance is unrelated to the murdered intern at City Hall.

Mattie Winston Series by Annelise Ryan
Mattie Winston, a nurse turned deputy coroner, in the fictional small town of Sorenson, Wisconsin.

Love Saves the Day by Gwen Cooper
Humans best understand the truth of things if they come at it indirectly. Like how sometimes the best way to catch a mouse that's right in front of you is to back up before you pounce.

So notes Prudence, the irresistible brown tabby at the center of Gwen Cooper's tender, joyful, utterly unforgettable novel, which is mostly told through the eyes of this curious (and occasionally cranky) feline.

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