• By Jacquelyn White
  • Posted Sunday, March 26, 2017

Database of the Week: Learning Express Library - Career Center

In our current economic climate, with people scrambling to find jobs and get the education they need to get hired, Learning Express Library is a vital database. It provides skill improvement aids, testing study guides, career assistance, and learning resources for elementary through college and post-grad levels, as well as to people already in the workforce. Platforms for these resources include online guides and downloadable e-books. The Career Center enables you to prepare for a career exam, explore occupations (civil service, law enforcement, real estate, and plumbing, for example) and improve your workplace skills. You can also prepare for a career in the military by taking practice ASVAB exams and Officer Candidate tests.

Career Center has information resources to help you choose and prepare for a wide variety of careers in seven different Learning Centers. The Learning Centers include:

  • Learn More About a Career
  • Prepare for an Entrance Exam
  • Prepare for an Occupation Exam
  • Join the Military or Become an Officer
  • Job Search and Workplace Skills
  • Prepare for WorkKeys Assessments and the TOEIC exam

You will need to create a LearningExpress username and password in order to view the tutorials, practice tests, and other resources available on the LearningExpress Library. Click on the link to Register, located on the lower right side of the Welcome page.

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