• By Jacquelyn White
  • Posted Sunday, January 8, 2017

Database of the Week: OneSource Global Business Browser

OneSource Business Browser presents consolidated company profiles to provide you with a deeper understanding of a company’s business focus, history, competition, strengths, weaknesses, executives and news coverage. Plus, our detailed financial reports give you the power to compare multiple companies so you can more effectively evaluate clients or potential partners in relation to each other and compare to industry norms.

Why use OneSource

OneSource is an excellent starting point for getting a great deal of company information quickly. Its industry overviews are also very good. OneSource contains articles from a wide range of publications.

Company Research

OneSource has two ways to research a company: Profile or Find. Use Profile to find information on a specific company. This will include full financial statements for the current year, current articles and press releases, analyst reports, ratio comparisons and more. All of this information can be packaged into a custom report using the "One Stop Report" feature. The company profile page will also link to industry information. Find allows you to screen companies by a variety of criteria. This is useful for creating lists of companies doing business in an industry or geographic area. You can then create brief reports comparing these companies on criteria such as sales or assets.

Industry Research

OneSource groups companies into categories that they've defined and call OneSource Industries. Their classification might differ from that used in other sources. You can browse industries by SIC codes as well. These will lead to broad categories: aircraft manufacturing will belong to Aerospace & Defense, for example. These industry groups will have lists of participants, market research reports and links to articles on relevant topics like market share. The industry overview also includes industry norms, which are composite financial ratios that can be used for comparison.

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