• By April Bowman
  • Posted Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fund-A-Farmer Grant

Food Animal Concerns Trust is now accepting applications for its next round of Fund-a-Farmer grants. Since 2012, FACT has provided grants to qualifying livestock and poultry farmers for projects designed to improve farm animal welfare. This year they will award grants of up to $2,500 for two distinct types of projects:

  1. Animal Welfare Certification projects: Projects that are designed to help farms achieve Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Humane, or GAP (steps 4 – 5+) certification through on-farm improvements. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA) is generously underwriting the Fund-a-Farmer Project’s Animal Welfare Certification Grants.

  2. Pasture Improvement projects: Projects that help farms transition to pasture-based systems or improve access to pasture for their animals. To be eligible for a Pasture Improvement Grant, farms must already be considered highly welfare-oriented, as determined by holding or actively working toward one of six specified humane certifications for their livestock or poultry.

To be eligible for either type of grant, farms must be working, independent operations that raise pigs, broiler chickens, laying hens, dairy cows, turkeys and/or beef cattle. Farmers can visit FACT's website to view all of the grant guidelines and to apply online.

All applications must be submitted online or postmarked by November 21, 2016. Farmers may also wish to register for the free webinar to help with their applications. “Tips for Applying for a Fund-a-Farmer Grant” will take place on October 25th.

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