• By Walkertown Branch Library
  • Posted Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Music & Movement for Kids at Walkertown

Music and Movement offers children and the adults who love them musical enrichment and an outlet for spring energy. Bring your children ages birth-to-5 every Thursday morning at 10:30 am to 11 am. Come hear a variety of songs and move to a range of rhythms. Other than running, which we rein in for safety, children's individual physical and vocal expressions are encouraged during this class. Musical PLAY and improvisation are welcome, from kids and grown-ups alike.

Adult participation enriches the class for everyone. Children take in everything they see around the room. Why not show the beat of every song? Clap, tap, bob your head, snap your fingers, or get up and dance! Grownups are also urged to play with the beat if not sing- and dance-along.

A big goal of Music and Movement is to share ideas about how to enjoy songs and rhymes. Feel free to adapt what we do in class to what will work for you at home. Do your children sing in the car? While taking a walk or a bath? Have you tried whispering or mouthing the words in line at the grocery store? Be sure and tell us if your child has favorite songs or rhymes. We will do our best to work them in.

Join us to shake an egg, wave a scarf, and duck under a parachute.

Music and Movement at Walkertown Branch
Thursday mornings for ages birth-to-5
10:30 am - 11 am
2969 Main St. Walkertown, NC 27051

Call 336 703-2990 for more information.

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