• By Sarah Arthur
  • Posted Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It's Never too Late to Celebrate American Heart Month!

It’s never too late to celebrate American Heart Month! 1 in 4 Americans die each year from Heart Disease (CDC). Heart Disease is plaguing our country. It is the leading cause of death for both men and women; yet few Americans know what signs and symptoms to look for when someone is having a heart attack or stroke and they go unnoticed until it’s too late.

So what exactly is Heart Disease? It is an overarching term used to describe several diseases that affect the heart; some of the more common diseases are: high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and coronary artery disease. It has unfortunately become a common occurrence know of someone who has had a heart attack or a stroke. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! Heart Disease is preventable; through regular exercise and a balanced diet, you can live a heart healthy life!

There are many little things you can do to start your journey to a heart healthy life. Exercise is one of the key ways. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day; this does not have to be 30 minutes of consecutive exercise. Try to figure out ways to live your life as active as possible such as taking the stairs whenever possible, parking further away when going to the grocery store, or walking laps at the school track while waiting for your child to get out of school.

Physical activity isn’t the only way to prevent heart disease; your diet also plays an important role. Fat and cholesterol are the main culprits of heart disease. Try to limit foods that have been fried or have trans-fat. Read the nutrition label on your foods before buying to see how much fat they contain. Look for foods that have The Heart Foundation check of approval.

Let’s all do our part in trying to change Heart Disease as being our leading cause of death! Learn the signs and symptoms of a Heart Attack and Stroke, if you notice anyone having these symptoms call 911 immediately.

Heart Attack Symptoms:

  • Chest pain or discomfort
  • Pain or discomfort in other areas of your body; such as one or both arms, jaw, neck and/or back
  • Shortness of breath
  • Lightheadedness
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Feeling of heartburn or burning in the chest

** As with men, women’s most common heart attack symptom is chest pain or discomfort, but women are somewhat more likely than men to experience some of the other common symptoms, particularly shortness of breath, nausea/vomiting and back or jaw pain.

Stroke Symptoms:

  • Sudden numbness or weakness on one side of the body
  • Slurred or strange speech
  • Sudden trouble walking or loss of coordination
  • Sudden severe headache
  • Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes

Again, if you notice anyone experiencing these symptoms call 911 immediately! You could be saving their life!

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