• By Mary Jac Brennan
  • Posted Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cover Cropping to Build Healthy Soils

Market gardeners and small farmers --There are many benefits to using cover cropping as part of your production practices. Cover crops are crops that are grown without the intention of harvest, but to benefit the future production of a cash crop which will be harvested.

For growers participating in the National Organic Program growing certified organic produce, cover crops are required to manage crop nutrients and soil fertility. Many conventional growers are growing cover crops as a way to reduce the amount of fertilizers and herbicides needed for their cash crops. By using cover crops, farmers and growers are able to save money and increase their yields, which will in turn bring them higher profits.

Guest speakers will be John Beck, NCAT&SU Extension Associate, Al Hutchison, Farmhaven Farm, and Mike Bowman, Forsyth Soil and Water Conservation Agent. To register, email coop-ext-registration@forsyth.cc or call 336-703-2850.

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