• By Kim Hepler
  • Posted Monday, August 31, 2015

Water Leak at Forsyth County's Social Services Building

Forsyth County’s Social Services building at 741 N. Highland Avenue experienced a significant ground floor water leak this morning causing substantial flooding on this floor. Power and technology in the building were shut down as precautionary safety measures. Without power and water, the Social Services building was closed today.

Forsyth County staff and a hazard cleanup contractor are working to remove standing water from the ground floor of the Social Services building, identify potential water damage, begin repairs, and assess how quickly to fully restore power and technology.

Public Health, including the pharmacy, as well as Tanglewood reservations have been impacted due to Social Services’ building serving as a source for their computer and phone needs. County staff are working to bring phone and computer services back to these operations as soon as possible.

All County facilities are expected to be open to the public Tuesday at 8am, normal business hours. Some services may be at a modified level based on technology available at that time.

Please call 703-2020 and depending on the question, calls will be directed to the correct person.

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