• By Jacquelyn White
  • Posted Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Creepy Crawlies, Groaning Ghosts and Maddening Mysteries!

There's a nip in the air and a mystery to solve. And what better way to start enjoying the longer nights than with a good mystery series?


Midnight dolls (Sep 2015) /By: Sullivan, Kiki /Series: Dolls series (Kiki Sullivan), 2

When Eveny Cheval, seventeen, is attacked by the Main de Lumie`re, her father whisks her, her sister zandara queens, and their protectors to his home on Caouanne Island, where Eveny learns more about her andaba heritage and feels torn between the two magical traditions--and between two boys.

The suffering (Sep 2015) /By: Chupeco, Rin /Series: Girl from the well, 2

When an old friend disappears in Aokigahara, Japan's infamous 'suicide forest,' Tark and the ghostly Okiku must resolve their differences and return to find her. In a strange village inside Aokigahara, old ghosts and an ancient evil lie waiting.

The tattooed heart (Sep 2015) /By: Grant, Michael /Series: Messenger of fear, 2

Targeting the world's evildoers while receiving symbolic tattoos for her every act of justice, Messenger's apprentice Mara becomes increasingly aware of the personal costs of her job.

Hide and seek (Aug 2015) /By: Casey, Jane /Series: Jane Jess Tennant mysteries, 3

Sixteen-year-old Jess Tennant is pleased to see that tiny Port Sentinel, England, goes all out for Christmas, but when Gilly Poynter, one of Jess's classmates, disappears, leaving behind only her diary and unanswered questions, Jess join the investigation to find Gilly before it is too late.


Ghost to the rescue (Oct 2015) /By: Hart, Carolyn G. /Series: Bailey Ruth mysteries, 6

New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Hart's ghostly gumshoe Bailey Ruth Raeburn is frequently amusing...but this is the first time she's been a muse. When you wish upon a star, you get... Bailey Ruth? You do if you're a little girl whose mom needs help and you touch the soft heart of Supervisor Wiggins at Heaven's Department of Good Intentions. Granted, it's not the usual task of an emissary, but then again Bailey Ruth is not your usual emissary. So Wiggins dispatches the spunky spirit to her old hometown of Adelaide, Oklahoma, to help a single mother and struggling writer find some creative solutions to her problems. Deidre Davenport is just about broke, trying to support her two children, and has her hopes pinned on getting a faculty job with the Goddard College English department. Jay Knox, who is in charge of the writer's conference she's participating in, will decide who gets the job, but he's more interested in her body than her body of work. Not long after his advances are rejected, Knox turns up dead--and Deirdre's fingerprints are found on the murder weapon. Bailey Ruth knows Deirdre is innocent, and that the professor's lewd behavior is bound to have rubbed others the wrong way. Now she must find out who really knocked off Knox... if Deirdre and her family are ever going to have a happy ending.

Looking for Mr. Good Witch (Oct 2015) /By: Lavene, Joyce /Series: Retired witches mysteries, 2

To keep coven hopeful Brian Fuller out of the clutches of a sea witch who is searching for a man to survive her mating ritual so that she can live for another 100 years, retired witches Molly and Elsie, with the help of a crème puff-craving mermaid, dive deep into the murky depths to stop her.

The skeleton haunts a house (Oct 2015) /By: Perry, Leigh /Series: Family skeleton novels, 3

On Halloween, Sid, a living skeleton, finds his night of freedom spoiled by the discovery of a dead body at the local haunted house that forces him to go undercover to catch the killer of a well-loved, local businessman.

The grave soul (Oct 2015) /By: Hart, Ellen /Series: Jane Lawless mysteries, 23

Restaurateur and private detective Jane Lawless investigates the family of a woman who has recurring dreams of her father murdering her mother.

Ages 8-12

World zombination (Oct 2015) /By: Kloepfer, John /Series: Zombie chasers, 7

Traveling across the world, Zack Clarke and his zombie-fighting team search for an antidote that will stop the outbreak forever.

Dark days (Oct 2015) /By: Ponti, James /Series: Dead City, 3

Molly Bigelow and her Omega team have been banned from investigating Marek Blackwell and his plans for New York City. But when they discover that Blackwell is raising money for a zombie army they have to act. But will they be in time?

Terrifying tales (Sep 2015) /Series: Guys read, 6

A latest collection of horror stories, features such supernatural elements as mysteriously appearing tattoos and ghostly encounters in dark hallways and includes contributions by such leading genre authors as R.L. Stine, Dav Pilkey and Adele Griffin.

Gustav Gloom and the Inn of Shadows (Aug 2015)/By: Castro, Adam-Troy /Series: Gustav Gloom, 5

Gustav and Fernie are targeted by old enemies and treacherous new adversaries as they race against time to find and rescue their missing families in the Dark Country.

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