• By Walkertown Branch Library
  • Posted Saturday, June 20, 2015

Teen Improv Acting Workshop June 30, Walkertown

Can you imagine yourself acting? Performing? Doing stand-up comedy? MC-ing or DJ-ing? Improv experience supports all of these skills and goals.

Come gain fun and valuable improvisational practice at Bright Star Theater’s Teen Acting Workshop on Tuesday, June 30, at 3: 15 pm. After Bright Star presents Jackie Robinson for all ages at 2 pm, professional actors will stay and lead an hour-long acting improv class for ages 12 - 18. Registration is optional. Call 336-703-2990 if you would like a reminder the day before.

Bright Star actors will lead activities and scene work after talking briefly about theatre, the acting profession, and their background. Improv games will follow, along with some character work such as basic physical and vocal exercises that keep student engaged while practicing acting basics.

Depending on how many people attend, the class will then split into groups to create miniature scenes, usually only 2 or 3 minutes long, to present to the rest of the group. If there is time at the end, attendees can ask the actors questions about acting or theatre.

Since improv takes whatever happens and makes everything said or not said, done or not done, and makes it part of the process, it's one of the safest and easiest ways to practice acting and have fun with a group of stage-loving peers. You have nothing to lose because mistakes are no big deal. Come give improv a try for one hour of unpredictable fun with Bright Star's well-trained actor-teachers.

Walkertown Branch Library

Tuesday, June 30th, 3:15 - 4:15 pm

Call 336-703-2990 for more information or to sign up for the workshop.

2969 Main St. Walkertown, NC 27051

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