• By Denise McKoy
  • Posted Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Books We Like

Do you consider yourself a Southern Belle? If you are from the South and attending church or another sort of gathering is a big thing for you, you just might want to try some comical and inspirational books by Nikita Lynnette Nichols, an African American Christian Fiction author from Chicago.

If you were raised a Southern Belle like I was, then you probably have fond memories of church events. The author starts with the simple book None but the Righteous. In this book the main character Lynnette Hawkins, a self-proclaimed strong, independent and beautiful woman finds her so-called dream man. Once married she realizes she has married Satan. Her dream marriage has transformed into her worst nightmare. This book reminds us that life does not always meet our expectations, however, we should remain strong and not give in to temptation.

A Man's Worth. This book takes you somewhere most Southern Belles are familiar with, church. The story is about a pastor named Cordell Bryson who had a close friend by the name of Randall Loomis who, after nearly losing everything that was dear to him, allowed temptation to stop him from being a faithful churchgoer. I found this to be a tantalizing, moving read, illustrating the harsh punishment that comes to the disobedient. Randall Loomis allowed the enemy to destroy his integrity and his relationships with his savior, pastor, and mother. Luckily, his close friend and pastor steps in to fight for his soul. You must read the book to find out the ending.

Amaryllis This book is a sequel to A Man's Worth. Amaryllis, the character for whom the book is named, is the woman who causes Randall Loomis, from A Man’s Worth, to stop being faithful to his savior and church. Amaryllis, a licentious woman, did not care what it took to get herself a man. Instead of moving on from destroying Randall Loomis once he got himself back on track and married the love of his life, she continued making things difficult for him, and also began preying on her sister’s fiance, who was a minister. She did everything in her power to destroy her sister’s relationship and claim her man as her own. Considering that he was a man of faith and her sister was a woman of faith, this didn't destroy their relationship. It just made them even stronger.

Nikita Lynnette Nichols builds on neglect, rejection and verbal abuse from churchgoers in several of her books including A Woman's Worth, Crossroads, and Lady Elect, which was nominated for "Best Christian Fiction Book of The Year" with the African American Literary Awards in late August of 2012. She shows how the enemy is sometimes one who is sitting in the church because not everyone that is attending has the same motives. Although the minister may be speaking to a massive group, everyone listening to his voice does not receive the same message. Some listen to what the minister is saying and continue to do evil while others take what they hear and strive to do good.

These are only a few of the numerous books written by this author. If you have never tried any inspirational novels, I highly recommend Nikita Lynnette Nichols for a nice, clean read with church gossip and drama.

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