• By Denise McKoy
  • Posted Friday, January 23, 2015

Kendra Davis To Discuss Her New Book "No More Discounts"

The author Kendra Davis had this to say. "Bargain shoppers often look for deals and discounts on merchandise that appears to be out of season, damaged or discontinued. Like so many shoppers, I have often asked the million dollar question, is this your best price? I was looking for a DISCOUNT, expecting the owner to come down on the suggested retail price to satisfy my personal desires. Perhaps this method...this mentality for obtaining goods and services has been the very same strategy used by unmarried persons desiring companionship."

Ask yourself, “Have I ever compromised my standards, thereby discounting my true worth and value? Have I ever settled for that which was damaged, discontinued and/or out of season to fill the void of leaving empty-handed?”

"I'll be the first to admit that I've granted discounts, lowered my standards, compromised my integrity, and turned my head to overlook the obvious – hopeful that the discounts granted or investments made would bring big dividends like love and happiness. When in all actuality, I had discounted my true worth and value by being connected with persons who, just like other items on my shopping sprees, were out of season, damaged and discontinued."

"I've learned some very hard lessons that cost me physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. In this book I have listed these lessons for you from A-Z. It has taken me years to recover from the effects of such toxic relationships. After having gone through the process, I have purposed in my heart and mind that there will be "NO MORE DISCOUNTS!!!"

"As you embrace this workbook, I invite you to read and to learn from my personal experiences. I encourage you to reflect upon your life's journey, (where you've been, where you are, and where it is you desire to be), take notes, learn your lessons, and develop a strategy to break the cycle of toxic relationships in your life. Let the journey begin. NO MORE DISCOUNTS!"

Join us at Rural Hall Library on Saturday, February 7th @ 3 pm
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