• By Don Dwiggins
  • Posted Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Promoting Computer Literacy Through Computer Training Bridge

One of the most important services offered at Forsyth County Public Library is one you may not be familiar with. Our Computer Training Bridge program offers programs and classes to reduce the "Digital Divide" and computer illiteracy in Forsyth County.

It's a real "rubber meets the road" service that has direct and meaningful impact on the people who depend on it to increase their computer literacy. Coordinator Clay Ragan provides insight into the many services and resources found through Computer Training Bridge.

Question: What is the Computer Training Bridge and what services does it provide?

Answer: The Computer Training Bridge is a free, curriculum based, program focused on promoting digital literacy in Forsyth County. We offer classes in English and Spanish ranging from basic to advanced level topics.

Question: What are a couple of success stories you have had in the CTB?

Answer: We’ve had many success stories, many of which are workforce development related, whether it’s helping someone find a job or advance their career by picking up a new skill. However, some of our favorite stories are when we help connect people online. Helping participants learn to email or chat with friends and family for the first time, or find a relative through our genealogy classes is extremely rewarding.

Question: What are some of the classes you offer?

Answer: The program focuses on topics, software and skills that our participants can use every day at home or on the job. Some of our more popular classes are Computer ABCs which is designed to help those new to technology learn basics computer operations, as well as subjects in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. We also have classes covering social networking sites, web design and downloading media.

Question: Where are classes offered?

Answer: Our classes are located in WinstonNet Labs found throughout the county. These include public libraries, recreation centers and local churches and non-profit organizations. Some of our more popular locations are the Forsyth County Government Center, the Malloy/Jordan East Winston Heritage Center, Reynolda Manor Branch Library and Southside Branch Library.

Question: Where can someone get calendar information on courses, times and locations?

Answer: You can pick up a course catalog at any library or recreation center as well as the Employment Security Commission and Goodwill. You can also view our classes and register online

Question: What are the days and times for your open help lab for job seekers?

Answer: The Drop In Job Seeker’s Lab is on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 am-12 pm on the First Floor of Forsyth County Government Center in the Library Information Services and Computer Training Bridge Department. This class is designed to help participants with resumes, cover letters, applications and job searching.

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