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  • Posted Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2015 Property Tax Listing Information

2015 Property Tax Listing Information

The Listing period begins January 2, 2015 and is extended through February 28, 2015.

Real Property improvements or alterations made during 2014 should be reported to the tax office. Improvements can include such items as adding a room(s), finishing a basement, updating heating or air conditioning units, etc.

Personal property items that do need to be listed annually include manufactured (mobile) homes, unregistered motor vehicles/campers, multi-year or permanently tagged vehicles/trailers, and watercraft. (Motor Vehicles with an active annual NC license plate do not have to be listed. These are billed through the NCDMV Tag & Tax Together system.)

Personal property must be listed by February 28, 2015 to avoid penalty (10% of the tax levied). The annual listing of property is required regardless of the status of valuation appeals. Appeals should not delay or prohibit the listing of property during the listing period.

Listing forms are available for print from our website: www.forsyth.cc/Tax/ or may be requested by calling 336-703-2300. To insure accuracy please provide your parcel number and/or account number when returning a listing. Mailing address changes should be directed to listinghelp@forsyth.cc and must include your parcel number and account number.

Property tax relief for an individual’s primary residence is available for either qualifying seniors (65 or older) or 100% disabled persons who meet certain criteria. The total household income limit for the 2015 Homestead Exclusion is $29,000 which includes all disposable income from the prior year (2014). The 2015 Circuit Breaker Deferral income eligibility limit is $43,500. Please note: Circuit Breaker deferred taxes become due with interest on the date of a disqualifying event. The Disabled Veteran Exclusion is available for 100% service connected disabled veterans or their surviving (unmarried) spouses. Please visit our website or call for more information. Tax relief applications may be requested by calling the tax office at 336-703-2300 and must be returned to the tax office by June 1, 2015 to be considered timely.

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If you have no real estate improvements or personal property to list, you do not have to take any further actions.

Assistance is available at the Forsyth County Government Center, 201 N. Chestnut Street, Winston-Salem Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • P.O. BOX 757
  • PHONE (336) 703-2300
  • FAX (336) 727-2369
  • www.forsyth.cc/tax

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