• By Denise McKoy
  • Posted Monday, February 23, 2015

Coupon Club

We are excited to introduce our new Coupon Club. Many of you have expressed an interest in having such a club at Rural Hall. You spoke and we listened.

How does it work? Join us at the Rural Hall Library every Saturday from 10 am to 11 am and bring coupons you have accumulated to share with others. It may be a coupon you're not interested in or one of many you have for the same product. You'll exchange your coupons for those brought by others. It's that simple. And there will be an opportunity for you to share any inside information and tips you may know about particular coupons or stores that would be helpful to fellow club members.

Coupon Club requirements:

  • You must agree to keep an eye out for coupon offers in magazines, newspapers, circulars, mail, and online websites. And don't forget to check items purchased for printed coupons that might be on the package.
  • Collect coupons and bring to the coupon exchange meetings. Club members can make a request to the group for the coupons they are looking for and in exchange the other member gets needed coupons.
  • Club members should remember to try to take advantage of those rebate offers and refund offers. Agree to collect the UPC symbols off products and save grocery receipts. Agree to exchange these with members who might need the extra UPC symbols or receipts for a rebate or refund.
  • Please check the expiration dates on all coupons to make sure they are still valid.

Join us every Saturday from 10am - 11am at the Rural Hall Branch Library.

For more information call 336-703-2970

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